Historical Attractions
Susanville has many historic buildings in uptown for visitors to see and enjoy. Take a walk through this historic town...

One of the main attractions is the Elks Lodge which was started in 1884 but not completed until 1887 due to the depression of that time. It is located at the end of Main Street and overlooks the entire Susanville Historic District.

Roop's Fort is registered with the California State Historical Resources Commission, Landmark #76 and is located next to the Lassen Historical Museum on North Weatherlow St., just a short three block walk from the Roseberry House.

The St. Francis Hotel, built in 1914, is located on the corner of Main Street and Union Street in Historic Uptown Susanville. It was the former site of the Magnolia Hotel, which in the mid 1860's housed various administrative functions of Lassen County until a courthouse was built.

The Old Torrey Drug Building was founded in 1921 and now houses Johnson's Shoes. It was built on the previous site of the Owl Saloon, where, during the turn of the century, one could find Shorty Douglas, a gentleman who provided local character, presiding at the bar.

The Pioneer Saloon has been at it's present location since 1862 and is the oldest business in Northeastern California. It is the location where Plumas and Lassen officials made peace after the Sagebrush War. Inside you will find the great restaraunt Lassen Ale Works. LAW has excellent food and craft their own beer.

The Grand Cafe is right next door to the Pioneer and was established in 1909 by Kwan Wong, a Chinese man whose cafe specialized in American cuisine. The cafe originally was in the rear of the Pioneer but in 1912 moved next door into the newly constructed "Wee Wee" building, where is remains today. In December of 1912, Sam Vucanovich and Steve Sargent took over the cafe. The Sargent family still owns the cafe today.

Historical Uptown Susanville has many other original buildings and homes. A copy of the walking tour guide is available at the Museum located at 75 North Weatherlow, or at the Lassen County Chamber of Commerce located next to the Museum and Roop’s Fort on North Weathelow Street.

Be sure to take the walking tour of the Uptown area to see all the beautiful Wall Murals painted on the sides of the Uptown buildings. The Tour Guide has information on the subjects of the murals, the artists and the dates they were begun and completed.


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